Summer Reading List

Summer Reading List

Can you believe that we are two days away from August? This Summer flew by. I know that Summer is coming to an end but something that I have been trying to incorporate into my daily routine is reading. As a business owner I always feel like when I am not working I should be so sometimes its hard to take 20 minutes to myself. I am going to show you some books that I plan on reading between now and the next few months!

Follow You Home by Mark Edwards: I already finished this book! I give it 7/10 - it wasn't the best book I have ever read but it kept me on my toes. I think that it was pretty dragged out but overall if you like suspenseful thrillers I recommend you check it out!

The Weekenders by Mary Kay Andrews: The book I am currently reading - so far so good! I just started it. Overall its a cute summer thriller. It is not as intense as Follow You Home but has a summer vibe with a mystery vibe!

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides: I have heard soo many good things about this book and it was highly recommend on Instagram. I love a good suspenseful book and I feel like this is the perfect read as we get into spooky season!

What are some books that you have been reading this summer? I need all the reccomendations!

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